Its A Dogs Life...

I hope these few photos show that my  dogs live  a very happy, healthy life.


They are  only 'show' dogs for a tiny proportion of their lives, 99% of their time is spent just being your average dog....getting muddy, rolling in fox poo, chasing squirrels/rabbits, stealing food, eating cow poo, playing football, chilling out under the trees,sleeping on the sofa, barking at shadows, digging holes in the lawn, burying old bones, pinching my underwear and running aroud the garden ...the list is endless.


They all have their own personality and they are all different, they are not 'cardboard cutouts'  and are allowed to develop their own characters


Its not a bad life being a show dog... but first and foremost...

'Its A Dog's Life'.

'Summer time at Sassari'

DSCF1637 DSCF1638 DSCF1660